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New England Prep Cross Country Camp is designed for individual boys and girls entering grades 8 through 12 who are interested in racing cross country. Although training groups and workouts are determined by a runner's ability and needs rather than by team affiliation, team members are welcomed and encouraged to attend camp together for the added benefit of team growth. The director, lecturers, and counselors provide a total learning experience as well as a training camp. Topics to be covered are included below.

Ability Grouping
All runners are placed into training groups according to their own abilities thereby allowing them to better optimize their workouts.

Training Theory
Discussions of recent training theory allow the runners to gain an understanding of how they may best train for cross country racing.

Groups discuss the value of goals and goal-setting and have the opportunity to create goals for the upcoming season.

Relaxation & Visualization
This session introduces the runners to the other most important aspect of "the athlete:" the mind.

Care & Prevention of Injuries
Through individual consultation and presentations by the on-staff trainer, runners can learn more specifically about their own running-related injury issues.

Racing Strategies
All runners are introduced to various racing tactics and strategies.

Proper Running Technique
During training runs, the staff are able not only to discuss proper running techniques but also to demonstrate the techniques, where appropriate.

Stride Analysis
After each runner is videotaped early in the week, time is set aside to review each camper's segment with the goal of highlighting the efficiencies and inefficiencies of his/her biomechanics.

Training Games
Runners participate in workouts that utilize varying game formats in order to lighten up the sometimes strenuous nature of conditioning.

Runners learn how to utilize the pool as a training resource during learn-by-doing pool workouts.

Runners practice and learn about the benefits of working out in ways that compliment their running to achieve overall fitness and strength.

Recreational Activities
Volleyball, ultimate frisbee, basketball, and swimming tend to be the activities runners participate in—sometimes for competition, sometimes simply for fun.

Running Beyond High School
Discussions led by our staff, with experience on all NCAA division levels, offer varying viewpoints on the ins and outs of intercollegiate athletics.

Running Beyond College
Discussions led by our post-collegiate staff offer insight into the possbility of running after graduating from college.