Rock before camp

Rock after camp

The Rock

However, we do caution that momentum may have had a hand in Rock's quick and extreme development and that such transformations--in fact, any transformation that remotely resembles Rock's--are highly unusual and cannot be guaranteed. Unless, of course, you are a thousand-year-old rock.

We've had state champions and Footlocker finalists come to camp and we've had first-year runners come to camp. In most cases, they all have one thing in common: camp was the best week of their summer. For Rock, it was the best week of his millenium.

Rock would like to thank David "Abu" Abusamra for naming inspiration, the staff for their patience, and all of the other runners at camp for making him feel like one of the "normal" runners.

The staff would like to thank the geniuses at ILM for their ability to take the professional, High-Definition footage provided and make it look as if it were all shot on a simple handheld video camera--just the feeling we were shooting for.

How good is NEPXC?
With the application of our collective knowledge and experience, we can take an ordinary rock and turn it into a running machine.

Almost everyone could use a little help now and then. Even runners. Spending a week with others who share your interest, whether more or less experienced, is just what some runners need. Many gain a new perspective on their sport and many affirm what they've learned up to this point in their running careers. Many learn so much that their heads explode (well, not literally). Once in a great while, we take on a special project--just to test our mettle and to keep us sharp. To this end, one of our dedicated staff members asked the question: What better way is there to help turn a thousand-year-old rock into a bonafide collegiate running prospect than sending it to running camp?

Below, we invite you view the highlights of Rock's week at New England Prep Cross Country Camp, where he came to us not having run a step in centuries and left with a scholarship to college. It's a remarkable feat!