Camp 2015

School Roster
Amherst RHS, Cardigan Mtn. School, Chase Collegiate School, Cheshire Academy, Francis W. Parker CESchool, Hall HS, Hampshire RHS, Hopkinton HS, Mt. Greylock RHS, Northwestern Reg 7, Pioneer Valley RHS, Reading Memorial HS, Wachusett RHS, Westfield HS, Williston Northampton School

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Camp 2015 Daily Updates

Dave Belcher (Coach, Bement School), Sam Belcher (Cornell University), Lianne Farber (NorCal Dist.Pjct.), Anna Guay (Connecticut College), Ray Lapinski (Coach, CCSU), Emily Lewson (University of Connecticut), Caroline Longacre (Connecticut College), Jamie Norton (Tufts University), Mark Rabasco (Keene State), Annmarie Tuxbury (Bryant University)

Guest Speaker
Ray Lapinski (Coach, CCSU)
Lianne Farber (NorCal Distance Project)
Danielle Delaquilla (Eaglevision Nutrition)
Nate Jenkins (Professional Runner)

Web Resources from Camp 2015
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Bullet Journal
The 30-second writing exercise
Meditation 101: A Beginner's Guide Animation
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Tara Brach Guided Meditations